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Joey Fama is a screenwriter based in Washington DC and West Virginia.  His work is known for its keen sense of humor that spans across many genres such as science fiction, horror, family-friendly, and dramedy.  Joey's most recent film, "Walls," had its world premiere at the Academy Award Qualifying Film Festival, LA Shorts International Film Festival. Joey has received numerous screenwriting awards, most recently being recognized by the Northern Virginia Film Festival as the Runner-Up in Best Science Fiction Screenplay under 20 pages and Best Short Film Script from the Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival. Other recent accolades include:  Best Comedy, Best Drama, and Best Horror Screenplays Under 20 Pages from the Go Independent DC film Festival, Semi-Finalist Short Screenplay Los Angeles Cinefest, and a nomination for Best Scene: Short Screenplay from the Action on Film Festival. Previously he worked as a sports writer for a small university. His claim to fame was during his sports writing days the local football team he was covering never won a single game.  This helped him develop his unique sense of humor. Joey holds a bachelors and masters degree from Concord University and a  doctorate degree from West Virginia University.

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