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From Carnival Kid to Broadway: Matt Weircinski

NEW YORK-Carnival Kid’s lead actor Matt Wiercinski recently had his Broadway premier on the acclaimed play Anastasia. Matt is part of the play’s ensemble and is featured as Prince Siegfried in the ballet in Act II of the play.

“It doesn’t surprise me Matt was booked to Anastasia, he is extremely talented not just as a dancer but as an actor as well. I feel so proud to of worked with him,” Carnival Kid writer Joey Fama had to say about Wiercinski.

Wiercinski is no stranger to success. Between his role in Carnival Kid and Anastasia he completed a world tour of West Side Story where he played Snowboy. The tour was an international sensation visiting Germany, France, China and the Netherlands.

Originally approached by Lane Napper the film’s choreographer, Matt was a perfect fit for the film. Carnival Kid draws heavily on the golden age of musicals which happens to be some of Matt’s favorite films. He reflected on some of theses film, such as West Side Story and An American in Paris saying they started the artistic spark when he was very young.

Recalling his role in Carnival Kid, “Carnival Kid is so special to me … I am so happy that I was able to bring the character “Travis” into the Carnival Kid world. Being on set felt like a classic MGM movie.”

Matt’s talents aren’t limited to theater and film you may also recognize Matt from the Nickelodeon show “Henry Danger”. Where he was featured as a dancer in the “Danger Games” episode a huge cross over event of “Henry Danger” and “Game Shakers.”

Anastasia premiered on Broadway in April of 2017 and has been nominated for numerous awards including Tony Awards and Drama Desk Awards. The show is currently at the beautiful Broadhurst Theatre in New York City. Get your tickets now to check out the very talented Matt Wiercinski and the entire great cast!

You can also see Matt on the big screen as Carnival Kid continues its festival tour. Carnival Kid’s next showing will be at the beautiful Palms Hotel in Las Vegas in August. Featured at the Action on Film and Enguinity Film Festivals. The film has already won numerous awards, including the prestigious “Jury Award” at the Northern Virginia Film Festival as well Runner-Up Audience Choice at the Enginuity Film Festival.

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