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Results from Go Independent DC !

Washington, DC - Joey Fama writing is pleased to announce the results to the 2017 Go Independent Film Festival. Including Best Screenplay Under 20 pages, Best Comedy Screenplay Under 20 pages and Best Science Fiction Screenplay Under 20 Pages for Joey Fama's screenplay: "A New Sound.

Taking place in the nation's capital, Go Independent DC features some of the top filmmakers and writers from around the globe. "Go Indy is a festival that I enjoy every year, its a fantastic venue. Its great to see such high quality films coming to DC," said Fama.

Congratulations to all the great filmmakers at the Go Independent DC Film Festival, for complete results can be found here.

A New Sound a Science Fiction Comedy

"What would happen if new technology was developed that made it impossible to copy songs? What would happen if bands never played the same song twice? Dairy, a newly hired radio DJ is about to find out. He’ll see all the local sights and scenes such as a “Full Contact Bar” and the Hipster Oracle, neither of which is what you think it is."

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