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Back to Where it All Started, Carnival Kid Returns to Northern Virginia Film Festival

Alexandria, VA- Nearly two years after director Michael Perry first met writer Joey Fama at the Northern Virginia Film Festival (NOVA), the Carnival Kid team will have its Virginia premier at NOVA. Carnival Kid comes highly touted, including four nominations from the festival: Best Musical, Best Cinematography-Short, Best Art & Design, and Best Music Video. Director Michael Perry, “I am so proud of everyone who worked on the film, the nominations belong to all of us.”

At the 2016 festival writer/executive producer Joey Fama met Michael at a seminar on the film industry at NOVA. Fama recalls his first meeting with director Michael Perry. “Everyone was introducing themselves, Michael mentioned he made short musical films, not music videos. That’s very interesting I thought. So I knew I had to go talk to him.” The two hit if off immediately. It was an East Coast meets West Coast project, as Perry was in Los Angeles and Fama in West Virginia. Because the team was spread across the country, they faced many unique challenges. “We did all the writing and editing of the story boards over email and phone calls,” Perry said of the early development of the film, “It was challenging but very rewarding.”

Interestingly enough the film stars Cooper Flanagan and Matt Wierchinski as well as choreographer Lane Napper weren’t based in either of these places. Under the guidance of Napper, Flanagan and Wierchinski learned the dance routines in New York City before heading out to Los Angeles for filming. “I think it just shows how talented the three of them are, to be able to put everything together in New York, then come out to LA for the dance routine. They got it on the first take, it was so easy to direct such a talented team,” Perry said reflecting on Flanagan, Wierchinski and Nappers’ work.

The entire team is extremely excited to play at the festival, “It’s really very special to us, to play here at NOVA, it means so much to us. It’s hard believe how far we have come with Carnival Kid,” Fama said reflecting on the whole experience.

Carnival Kid will play in the April 12th block from 7-9 pm at the Angelika Film Center in Fairfax, Virginia. A portion of tickets sales from this block will be donated to The Autism Society of Northern Virginia.

Tickets are available at:

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