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Carnival Kid Comes up Big at Enginuity Awards

Berkley Springs, WV- Carnival Kid’s own Rϋdiger Barth has been recognized by for his work as set designer on Carnival Kid, winning, “Best Set Design in a Short Film.” Barth is a seasoned veteran, with over 30 years of experience, directing hundreds of music videos, short films and commercials.

After developing the story boards with Fama, director Perry knew exactly who he wanted for the set design for Carnival Kid. “I’ve known Rudy (what Perry calls Rϋdiger) for a long time, after watching Orange Sunshine, I knew we needed to work together.” Barth handled cinematography, production design and worked as Co-producer for Orange Sunshine an award winning documentary following a group of surfers during the 60’s and 70’s that became the largest distributors of LSD during that time. Perry was not disappointed, “I had an idea in mind of what we wanted for the film, to set the tone. It was so important for the set to go with the theme of not only the song but the film.”

Barth is a man of many talents, besides all his production work, he also took on responsibility of Director of Photography for the film. The Set Design / Director of Photography combo is something that Fama believed helped give Carnival Kid its signature feel. “I was blown away by his work, there is a certain cohesion between the entire feel of set and the shots of the film, you are really able to be immersed in the film.” During the middle of the film Barth engineered a beautiful three and half minute continuous shot of the dance sequence. This shot turned out to be one of the signatures of the film and is seems to be one of reasons of the film’s success.

The Enginuity Film Awards is a festival in its first year. It is broken into quarterly winners which will culminate May 19 and 20th with a live screening in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Fama a West Virginia native spoke very highly of the Festival, “We are really excited about the Enginuity Awards, Clint Gaige the festival director, is seasoned film veteran. Its fantastic to see him bringing such a great festival to West Virginia. I look forward to seeing what the festival will grow into, in the coming years.”

For more information on the Enginuity Independent Film Awards visit:

Orange Sunshine is currently available on amazon prime.

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