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Carnival Kid Wins Prestigious Award

ALEXANDRIA, VA-The Carnival Kid, the musical short written by, Joey Fama was recently recognized for excellence in film, winning one of the Northern Virginia Film Festival’s highest award accolades, “The NOVA Jury Award.” Fama also received recognition for his writing, winning Best Drama Under 20 Pages, Best Comedy Under 20 Pages, and Best Teleplay Under 30 Minutes.

“Winning the Jury Award means so much to us, Michael and I first met here at NOVA two years ago, it started as just a little idea I had one day and Michael took the idea and ran with it. It’s amazing to see how far we have come with our film,” Fama said of the film

Perry added that, “I am so proud of everyone who worked on the film and the award belongs to all of us who worked on it.”

The entire Carnival Kid team has been very busy since the film’s premier in November at the stylish Chelsea Fashion and Film Festival in Manhattan. Lead actor Matt Wierchenski was recently booked to the Broadway play Anastasia, choreographer Lane Napper was featured on Netflix’s Jessica Jones as well as winning the Enginuity Film Festival’s special award for Best Choreography in a Short Film. Fama was also recognized by the Enginuity Film Festival for his work on Carnival Kid winning the iPitch Writing Award. Lead actress Cooper Flanagan has also been busy, taking part in the “Broadway Cares” progra

m in Manhattan. Finally, director Michael Perry who leads the band Jour Majesty that provided the music for Carnival Kid recently premiered it’s newest music video, “Going to Germany.”

Carnival Kid heads out west next for an August showing in Las Vegas at the Action on Film Festival.

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