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The Cutting Room Short Film Festival A Perfect Fit for Carnival Kid

New York- Carnival Kid heads back to New York for the first annual Cutting Room International Short Film Festival. The festival takes place on October 20-21 at one of New York Cities’ most premier venues, “The Cutting Room.” Over the past two decades the venue has hosted some of the best including Lady Gaga, Sting, David Bowie, and Dave Chapelle.

The Cutting Room International Short Film Festival champions emerging, yet overlooked artists. The festival hosts an extremely impressive lineup showcasing not only some of the best filmmakers in New York but also around the world. Kathrina Miccio, the festival’s director spoke enthusiastically about the festival lineup, “We aim to show quality film of true indie filmmakers and honor their hard work and dedication.” She also spoke highly of the Carnival Kid stating, “The Carnival Kid brings you to the feel good 1950's musical romantic comedy with modern technicolor, and ragtime music.”

Miccio is no stranger to great film, as she is an accomplished director and actress. Her most recent project, “St. Joseph” a short comedy which she wrote, directed and starred in, has garnered numerous awards, including best actress and best director. For her contribution to film she was also named the “1st Woman of Film,” at the 18th Annual Action on Film Festival. The multitalented Miccio also serves as the resident musician portrait artist at the Cutting Room.

While the event will surely be one to remember it also holds a very special place in the heart of festival organizer Miccio. One of the highlights of the festival will be the silent auction to benefit the charity “Paint Us Pink.” The charity works with women in the arts who are suffering from breast cancer. Miccio, a breast cancer survivor and founder of “Paint Us Pink,” spoke passionately about the charity, “I created Paint Us Pink during my treatment for breast cancer….it takes a toll on you financially, and nobody should have addition stress when they are fighting for their life.”

“The entire Carnival Kid Team is looking forward to this great festival and to support this worthy cause,” said Carnival Kid Director Michael Perry. Come out and support this great charity and great event in New York City on October 20th and 21st. Carnival Kid will be shown in the early block (11:45 October 20th) with movies playing all day until the Opening Night Formal Gala at 9 pm. Movies will continue on the 21th, culminating with a red carpet and awards gala. Both nights will have silent auctions to benefit Paint Us Pink with great prizes including original paintings by renowned artists: Artist Don Orolio and Ed Heck. Tickets available at

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The Cutting Room International Short Film Festival

Paint Us Pink Charity

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