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Carnival Kid Wins Big at F3 Film Festival

Jury Award F3 Festival

Piqua, Ohio-At its Ohio premier, Carnival Kid won the Jury Award of the F3: Frankly Film Festival. The Jury is Award is given for a film that the film jury felt stood out among the field. Festival director Zoe Judd praised Carnival Kid, “When I saw it, I knew it fit perfectly in our festival.”

Getting accepted to F3 is no small task, of the 400 films submitted, only 39 were screened. Not only were a large number of films submitted, according to Judd it was the highest quality of films the festival had ever received. Carnival Kid writer Joey Fama also reflected on the quality of film at F3 stating, “Just knowing the level of film that played this year makes winning the Jury Award even sweeter.”

The festival was originally developed in 2004 as part of the Youth Summer Program by Frankly Zoe Productions. After a hiatus until 2016 the festival was revived as part of the 10th anniversary of Un-Con a local event for fans of all genres of film and television. After a successful resurrection, the festival has now become an annual event. The F3 Film Festival stays true with this idea of “all genres welcome,” screening a wide range of films such sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, animation, and fan films. The films are grouped together in different blocks by genres, such as “Laughter Does the Body Good,” and “Turning Roadblocks into Stepping Stones.” A favorite block among festival attendees was the “Homage to Cinema Past.” This set of films was diverse, including silent films, action/adventure, and drama. Carnival Kid fit perfectly with these distinct films and received a great response from the audience. “The entire block was awesome, we got to see such neat films, I was so proud to see Carnival Kid play with them,” said Fama recollecting of the festival. “I though the entire festival was put together very well, I would certainly go back.”

For more information on the F3: Frankly Film Festival visit :

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