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Carnival Kid Heads to the Best Tasting Festival Around

Twin Falls, Idaho- The Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival is known for featuring top films from around the world. Entering its third season this year looks to be no different. It may come as no surprise the entire Carnival Kid team is thrilled to be a part of this great festival.

The festival gets its name from an interesting acronym, “SANDWICHES.” Which stands for Shorts, Animated, New Filmmakers, Web Series, International, Comedy, Horror, Experimental, and Student Films. While the acronym is certainly entertaining, it also shows the diversity and excitement of the festival. The festival has become a favorite not only among Twin Falls residents but also festival attendees from around the world. “Our audiences enjoy the chance to watch indie films and meet filmmakers who attend the festival. We are extremely proud of our festival and the quality of films we screen each year in beautiful Twin Falls, Idaho” said Festival Organizer Ray Chao.

Chao who is familiar with Michael Perry’s work spoke highly of the filmmaker, and of Carnival Kid: “We are thrilled to be screening The Carnival Kid at this year's festival. The Carnival Kid is more than a music video; it is a beautiful short film with a strong narrative that wonderfully captures the spirit of the music by Jour Majesty The Carnival Kid is a tribute to classic musicals with amazing choreography and extremely talented dancers that also manages to tell a great story. Screening The Carnival Kid is such an honor, and we know our audiences will love it.”

Carnival Kid’s director Michael Perry is no stranger to success at the at the Twin Falls Sandwiches. His freshman effort, “Empty Box of Wine” screened at the 2016 Festival. For his work on the film, he was awarded the “Ginny Award” which recognizes creative spirit. “We are all so excited and proud for Carnival Kid to play at this wonderful festival!” said Perry. Chao, a fan of Empty Box of Wine said “We were first introduced to Jour Majesty and the artistry of director Michael Perry in our first festival and we are big fans. Michael's music is so memorable, and each short film manages to tell a story with tremendous emotion. ”

The festival takes place on November 2nd and 3rd in Twin Falls, Idaho for more information on this great festival visit:

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