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Townhouse of Doom Concept Art

Townhouse of Doom is family friendly comedy/horror screenplay which has enjoyed a great deal of success over the years. Most recently garnering an officially selection in the 7th annual DC Webfest.

“This short script follows the adventures of Icky the Ice cream Sandwich (puppet), Beta the VCR (puppet), and Jeff (human actor). Hilarity ensues they decide to investigate the Townhouse of Doom. What Icky and Beta don't know is there something quite sinister lurking in the townhouse! The puppets and Jeff get into all kinds of interesting trouble as they are stalked by the monster puppet. Will they survive or will we see some puppet cannibalism?!”

“Its certainly a unique project, I can’t think of a lot of things out there like it, I mean puppets running around a haunted house is pretty strange,” Fama laughed. I am hoping to get it produced soon. I believe audiences would really love it.”

Following it’s official release to the festivals in 2015, the script picked up a Runner-Up award for Best Short Comedy Screenplay at the 1st Annual Northern Virginia Film Festival. In the 2016 the script won best short horror at the Go Independent DC Film Festival.

Due to this success Townhouse of Doom has gained a great deal of media attention being featured in the both The Daily Antheanum and the Concord University Alumni Magazine.

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