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Townhouse of Doom Chosen as Official Selection in 7th Annual DC Webfest

Washington, DC- Joey Fama is pleased to announce the short screenplay “Townhouse of Doom,” has been included in the 2019 DC Webfest.

The DC Webfest has been a favorite among DC locals and is entering its 7th year. The festival’s mission is to, “Provide a safe place to share the lens by which we all view the world.” Joey Fama had this to say about the festival, “It’s a really a unique idea, when we think of festivals we think more films and when we think of web content we think more YouTube, etc. I think DC Webfest is unique in the fact they are taking the best of both worlds. I had never seen a festival that included blogs, which I think is pretty neat. They are doing some really unique things at the DC Webfest and I am very proud to be included.”

Townhouse of Doom is certainly a unique script, it spans across several different, often unrelated genres. “When I tell people it’s a horror/comedy, people always have a frame of reference but when I tell them it’s a horror/comedy that’s family friendly, people often scratch their heads,” Joey Fama laughed.

Screenplay Synopsis

This short script follows the adventures of Icky the Ice cream Sandwich (puppet), Beta the VCR (puppet), and Jeff (human actor). Hilarity ensues when they decide to investigate the Townhouse of Doom. What Icky and Beta don't know is there is something quite sinister lurking in the townhouse! The puppets and Jeff get into all kinds of interesting trouble as they are stalked by the monster puppet. Will they survive or will we see some puppet cannibalism?!

The characters are certainly unique to say the least. They were originally developed by Fama and his long time friend and creative partner Joey Baily. Baily is most well-known for his DC Rock band “Option Paralysis.” Who have been known to rock around the District of Columbia on a weekly basis.

“I love how Joey (Fama) has brought to life the characters we created so long ago. As a Washington, DC based artist we are so excited to be accepted into the DC Webfest.”- Joey Baily

Fama added, “Its always very special to be a part of festivals based in DC, it’s a place that holds a special place in my heart. DC has played such an important part of me growing creativity. I feel so fortunate that so many unique and diverse films come to the area through these great festivals.”

For more information on the DC Webfest visit: Tickets are still available on the website for April 13th and April 14th showings!

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