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Joey Fama Wins DC Webfest’s Local Hero Award

WASHINGTON, DC- For his work on the screenplay, “Townhouse of Doom,” Joey Fama has been awarded the celebrated “Local Hero Award, in the category of Digital Expression from the DC Webfest.

The Local Hero Awards are conferred to creators in the District of Columbia and the surrounding areas in many different categories such as Digital Expression, Web Series, Podcasts, Digital Shorts, and Games.

“It’s very humbling to receive this award, the city of Washington DC has played such an important role in my growth as a writer. It’s awesome to get all these great film festivals so close to home. Fama who resides in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia added, “I gotta tell you I think that it’s pretty great that they include those of us who aren’t necessarily in downtown DC. It means a lot to me to win this award.”

While the local hero award only includes individuals in Washington DC and the surrounding area the festival as a whole has a much broader scope. Showcasing films from Denmark, Australia, Spain, and the UK. It has become a favorite among DC locals but has also pulled festival attendees as far away New York City. One attendee who traveled from Maryland to see the night of international films bragged on the film selections, “I really enjoyed the international block of web series, there were a lot of great ones, I can’t wait to see more.”

This year concludes the 7th year of the DC Webfest, continuing a tradition of excellence. Throughout the festival's long history it has stayed at the forefront of art and technology Incorporating new mediums of art such as virtual reality, podcasts, video games and web content into its yearly programing. The festival looks to create a safe environment for artists to meet and collaborate. The festival’s mission is: "..Is to provide a safe space to share the lens by which we all view the world. All are welcome."

Find out more about DC Webfest:

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