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From Los Angeles to New York to DC, then Back Home to West Virginia

BECKLEY, WV – Two years after its premiere at the Chelsea Fashion and Festival in New York City, the short film, “The Carnival Kid,” heads to writer Joey Fama’s hometown of Beckley, West Virginia for the BEX Film Festival. The entire Carnival Team is excited about the selection, including Fama who said, “It doesn’t matter where it is, I think every filmmaker dreams of their work playing in their hometown.”

The short film has had an amazing run playing all over the country starting with a memorable world premiere at a packed house as the headlining film of the Chelsea Fashion Film Festival. Following up its success in New York, “The Carnival Kid” headed to the Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival where it received four nominations, including winning the prestigious Jury Award for short films. The film received the Judge’s award at its Midwest debut in the F3 Film Festival in Piqua Ohio. The short was also selected for two showings, including a special children’s block at one of the country’s top film festivals for dance, the Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema in Boulder, Colorado. After its showing in Beckley, Carnival Kid is set to return to Las Vegas for the 3rd Annual International Hollywood Dreams Film and Writer’s Competition this August.

Fama reflected on the entire experience, “The whole thing has been pretty wild, this is my first film picked up for production. The experience has been great, I’ve met so many great people and had a chance to go to so many great festivals.”

BEX, which is southern West Virginia’s leading art and film festival kicks off its inaugural year. The festival spans an entire week and includes more than just films. It features cultural happenings from around the region as well as international projects. Beginning June 22nd with a live performance from the band Dangerous Summer and continues with art exhibits. The festival also includes several historic aspects including, “History Alive: Mark Twain,” a tribute to the American humorist, taking place at the Wildwood House Museum.

One of the highlights to the festival is expected to be the film blocks and music video block taking place at the Raleigh Playhouse Theater in downtown Beckley, West Virginia. The Carnival Kid is set to play in the first block of the June 22nd films at 5 pm. Festival organizer Shane Pierce spoke of the film’s uniqueness, “The Carnival Kid is a welcome celebration of sentimentality at a time when much of popular media is saturated with intensity, grit and apocalyptic themes.”

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