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Fama, Perry’s New Screenplay Comes Up Big at NOVA ; Heads to CRISFF in New York Next

ALEXANDRIA, VA- Joey Fama and Michael Perry’s new screenplay, “A New Sound,” has won Best Teleplay Under 30 Pages at the 5th Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival (NOVA). The two have enjoyed success at NOVA, with a “A New Sound” being the 9th win for Fama and 3rd for Perry at the festival. The screenplay continues its festival tour heading to the 2nd Annual Cutting Room International Short Film Festival (CRISFF) in New York City, this fall.

Fama and Perry both have traditionally had strong showings at both NOVA and CRISFF. The team’s award winning previous project, a short musical film, “The Carnival Kid,” received high praise from both festivals winning the Special Jury Award at NOVA and nominations for Best Musical and Best Music Video at last year’s CRISFF. Most recently the film played at CRISFF’s sister festival, the Venus Short Film Festival in Las Vegas. The film enjoyed success there as well, earning Michael Perry, “Best Director in a Short Musical.”

Both NOVA and CRISFF are among the favorites with many writers and filmmakers. Perry who was in attendance for the Inaugural CRISFF last year referred to it as a“A great filmmaker’s festival… Kathrina [festival director of CRISFF] treats all attendees so well, the venue is stellar, its truly a great showcase for film!”

The win for “A New Sound,” continues Fama’s streak at NOVA, receiving a nomination or win every year since the festival’s inception. Fama has continually cited NOVA as one of his favorite film festivals, “NOVA is a festival I make sure and put on my calendar every year. The quality of film and writers are second to none. Its easily one of the best festivals.”

A New Sound, which is a science fiction dramedy marks a departure from their last previous project, the musical short “Carnival Kid.” Fama and Perry both kept tight lips on any information about on the project but both promised that big things were on the horizon for the team and the script. Stay tuned to, a big announcement is coming up!

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