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A New Sound Nominated for Best Science Fiction Screenplay at CRISFF

NEW YORK CITY-Joey Fama and Michael Perry’s latest project, “A New Sound,” continues to receive high praise from film festivals and filmmakers alike. The screenplay was recently nominated for, “Best Science Fiction Screenplay,” at the Cutting Room International Short Film Festival (CRISFF). The nomination marks the 9th nomination or win for, “A New Sound.”

Now in its second year, CRISFF has quickly become one of the top festivals being named as a “Top 100 Best Reviewed Festivals,” by Film Freeway. One of the most notable things about the festival is its venue. “The Cutting Room,” is one of New York City’s top venues where established and new comers love to perform. It has a rich history of hosting some of the best artists and performers. Lady Gaga, Sting, Sheryl Crow, David Chappelle are just a few talented individuals who have taken the stage at The Cutting Room. The event will also include live entertainment, bands, comedians, culminating with a red carpet awards show on October 20th.

A New Sound marks the second collaboration between Fama and Perry. The Science Fiction Screenplay is currently in preproduction with Perry’s Studio, Three Cords and Hook Studios. Fama hopes the film will be shot in 2020, stating that the script is finally in a place that he and Perry were happy with. Perry spoke very highly of the screenplay, “It’s such a unique screenplay, [Fama] always says he writes comedies, but its always so much more, there’s philosophy, drama, science fiction and romance hidden throughout.”

After winning several national awards the screenplay has garnered attention from the media. With Fama appearing on WVNS 59 News and the Concord University Alumni association to talk about the project.

Perry’s latest film, “Youthful Faces,” will make its world premiere at the CRISFF.

Youth Faces Synopsis:

When a season of great peril arrives, so too does the opportunity for great change. Youthful Faces brings together some of NYC’s best Broadway dancers, award-winning choreographer Lane Napper, the music of Jour Majesty and visionary filmmaker Michael C. Perry, as catalysts for our younger generation to have a voice in their futures. Now is the time to speak up and speak out to illuminate the future you want to see. Youthful faces, raise your voices – right here, right now.

Youthful Faces will be playing on October 19th at 6:30 pm and should be not missed!


WVNS Article on A New Sound

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