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Joey Fama’s Interview on WERA 96.7 and PictureLock

WASHINGTON, DC- Joey Fama discusses all things film, in an interview that originally appear on Washington DC’s own WERA 96.7 and the podcast Picture Lock with Kevin Sampson. During the interview Joey discusses his comedy/horror screenplay, “Townhouse of Doom,” and its acceptance into the DC Webfest Film Festival. The Screenplay would go on to win Fama a “Local Hero Award,” an award that recognizes excellence in creativity for those in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas. During the interview Fama recollects his old days as a sportswriter and how this eventually took him to screenwriting. He also answers the question that every Picturelock guest answers, “What film made you realize you loved him?”

Picture lock is a popular show which airs weekly on WERA 96.7 FM Radio Arlington hosted by Kevin Sampson. Kevin is the show’s creator and producer, which is now entering its 7th year. He has a strong film pedigree and is a well-known Film Critic, Film Festival Director, and Film Publicist. Picturelock includes weekly reviews of some of Hollywood’s biggest films and are one the biggest draws of the show. However, the show isn’t limited to big name productions. The show is constantly working to, “Discover fresh faces in cinematic storytelling.” This includes finding some up and coming filmmakers from all over the world.

Kevin’s expertise in film has also lead him down the path of author. Last year he wrote, “Army Of One: PR & Marketing For The Indie Filmmaker.” In the book, Kevin helps film makers navigate the tricky world of Public Relations and marketing, from pre-production all the way to their finished product in post-production. The book teaches how to turn your social media into a maximized marketing tool. Shows film makers how to get the most of their film festival runs, without breaking their bank accounts. With his background as a film critic it’s also no surprise that Kevin is able to give such valuable advice for filmmakers of how to attract film critics to their work. Army of One is now available for purchase from amazon.

Joey Fama’s complete interview can be found here.

To live stream Picture Lock on WERA 96.7.

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