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Michael Perry and Joey Fama’s New Trailer Available Now

LOS ANGELES, CA- Michael Perry and Joey Fama’s newest movie trailer has officially landed online on Vimeo. “A New Sound,” is a science-fiction comedy which takes place in a not too distant future. The original script for A New Sound has been recognized several times from numerous film festivals, including winning, “Best Teleplay under 30 minutes,” in 2019 at the Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival (NOVA).

The film making duo has a strong connection to the Northern Virginia Film Festival. Happy with their previous success together with their

last film “The Carnival Kid,” Perry requested several of Fama’s screenplays at the 2018 NOVA Festival. He recollected reading the screenplay for the first time, “Of all the screenplays I read, A New Sound really jumped out the most. Science Fiction is one of my favorite genres. But there’s so much more to A New Sound. Its Science Fiction but there’s so much comedy in there, not to mention some romance and drama. Joey also intertwines some philosophical ideas about art hidden in the screenplay.”

The trailer is already starting to cause a buzz, racking up views on Vimeo. Interestingly enough, the trailer itself has received some critical acclaim. In April of 2020 just one month after its release it received a nomination for “Best Teaser/Trailer” from the Indie Shorts Fest.

Due to the COVID pandemic, the film is currently on hold. However, Fama spoke optimistically about the project stating, “We will get to the film at some point, it might be 2021 or 2022, but Michael and I are very excited to work on it. The screenplay is close to our hearts. The most important thing right now is making sure any film done, is done so safely.”

Check out A New Sound’s Trailer HERE

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