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Carnival Kid Headlines Chelsea Fashion and Film Festival

Chelsea Fashion and Film Festival

NEW YORK CITY-The musical short film, “The Carnival Kid,” met with rave reviews at its world premiere at the Chelsea Fashion and Film Festival in New York City in the stunning Holy Apostle Theater. The film played to a full house, including many of New York City’s most talented artists, musicians, and representatives from the fashion and film industries.

The festival is well known and has been featured in NBC,,,, Joonbug, Time Out New York, and New York Magazine. “The entire environment of the festival was unique, creatively it was invigorating to have so many from different creative backgrounds, “ Joey Fama, Carnival Kid’s writer and executive producer said of the Festival.

World renowned director Michael Perry also praised the festival, “To not only premier but to headline this great festival was truly a dream come true.” Perry however, is not one to let the grass grow under his feet even with all his recent accolades and success. His new album, “Tanner Street,” is currently in production of its fourth musical short, “Going to Germany.” Others include the beloved holiday tune “Little Feet” and winner of the prestigious Ginny and Monte Cristo awards “Empty Box of Wine.” When asked about their upcoming projects, Perry deferred to Fama who laughed and said, “I’ve got our next 5 projects planned.” He later followed up with he believed that 2018 could be a big year for us.”

The Set NYC who organized the festival, works closely with the non-profit organization Freedom Latter. Freedom Latter works to end child trafficking and protect children.

For more information on the Chelsea Fashion and Film Festival visit:

Carnival Kid will continue its festival run this spring, stay tuned to and for updates!

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